At Alberton Driving School we aim to help and assist you in mastering the skills you need to achieve driving excellence and pass your driving test with confidence.

Alberton Driving School will provide you with all the support and information you need to guide you through this process.

Where We Are

We have our own private yard where we teach our parking in Steeldale at the Pick n Pay Hyper in Linroy Street. The yard consists of three alley docking (Code 8), two three point turns (Code 8) , three parallel parking (Code 8) and Code 10 Straight Reverse and Alley Docking. We have also recently added our Motorbike Track.

Unlike any other driving school, we have three offices in Johannesburg, One in Steeldale, one in Alrode and our Head Office in Alberton, which makes us easily accessible and available at your convenience.

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What We Do

At Alberton Driving School we make the process of learning to drive the safest and most affordable to all aspiring drivers, by utilizing the skills of our highly trained and patient staff while ensuring the safety of our clients at all times.

To this end we ensure our vehicles are always in the best possible condition, our staff are well-trained, our service is of the highest standard, and all of this is offered at the most affordable rates.All our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices and are monitored 24/7

Codes: A, B, C

Manual & Automatic

How Are We Different?

We have created an environment where our clients can be comfortable, experience the most professional service and be confident of our service at all times. All lessons are booked according to your availability and we guarantee one-on-one traing at all times We ensure our vehicles are safe, reliable and of the highest standard, guaranteeing the safety of our clients at all times. All our vehicles are fitted with dual-pedals and tracking devices for real -time tracking at any time.Our main goal at Alberton Driving School is 100% customer satisfaction and most of all creating drivers out of learners.